Togetherness On Ground RIDDIM

UniRidd Project | Universal Love, Unity, is aiming to unite, integrate people of different lineages in order to only one purpose, disseminate the word of love and nicely who Jah teaches. We all are sons of the same lord Jah and come from the same place in Ethiopia. Projects in simplicity for meditation, to reflect and disseminate the word of unconditional love over all aspects, blessed those who love to without frontiers ... is the message ... it is the word of the Most High Jah inside us! Who Jah bless each action with plenty of light which flows from Zion

More love for the positive flow remains always acting. In concept within the holy word, is an army that will fight for all, without distinction anyone, because we are of the same lineage from the first man in Ethiopia, will contribute in the development for the next, we'll spread all the the knowledge acquired, will practice good through unconditional love, because we understand that JAH is called. It's all in the soul, in being HUMBLE, in the example, the vibration of LOVE, learning and lot's contribution ... How much are we willing to fight for the collective sense, as we are awakening the consciousness of the universe Jah!

We give thanks for life! The Kingdom of Jah is for the humble of heart.



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