#JahArmy's 1st and 2nd #album "LEAVE BAYLON AND COME"/"BACK TO ONE FOLD" AVAILABLE ON #juno

Jah Army mission starts, when Marcus Garvey met Isaiah and Elijah at Saint-Martin in 1984. We see music as inspiration. Marcus is directly inspired by His Imperial Majesty Hailé Sélassie I. No difficulty to write a song. With faith and patience, Jah Army starts to be operational in 2002. Since 2006, we have a CD out: “Leave Babylon and Come”; Many more have to come!!! Original reggae music, Conscious music, Jah music. We come to conquer with love. Our Music, call for Jah Love, Unity between Races, between Nations, One God, One Aim, One Destiny. United we shall over come.


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